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Do you realize the apocalyptic rhetoric behind investing in electric/hybrid cars can be applied to these same vehicles??: "Our country is addicted to electricity, and relying solely on this resource is not a safe and secure practice. With over 75 million Americans tying up the power grids to charge their vehicles, we all are in a perpetual state of brownouts and/or rolling blackouts. We are also more vulnerable to terrorist attacks if the powergrids are taken out to isolate Americans. In spite of this threat, Americans continue to invest more money into charging their vehicles rather than being able to help stimulate the economy with purchases of other products and services".
No matter what the source of energy is for our vehicles, we will be also held hostage to it because we want the luxury of speed.  Not only that, these energy sources (even nuclear) are available only in a finite form.  If they were not vulnerable, then the principle that allegedly makes them infinite should be also applied to our homes, roads, and other infrastructures in the United States.

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