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Storm Center

Losing Control

I am losing control where Fate has been,
and kept my heart from pondering
what it should know.
I am losing sanity where Fate has been,
and made my heart from pondering
what it does know.

Everyday people stop and stare
at the intersections--
In their eyes not just one care
to see their direction.

Try to stop them--
Try to help them--
Nothing can be done,
just losing control.

He is losing control where Zeus has been,
that kept his life from wandering,
where it did stay.
He is losing sanity where Zeus has been,
that stopped his life from wandering,
where it can stay.

Estrella Lee, 1998

Qui Sait?(Who knows?)

Why is the world full of violence,
can't be put to silence?
Why do people swallow pills,
though they never get rid of ills?
There are so many dancers,
who don't have the answers.
Why do they drink beers,
to mainly settle their fears?
Why people make vulgar noise,
around those with lots of toys?
It is these things that can't be helped,
are always dimly felt.
Why does one miss the other,
though the other hates to be bothered?
How come those who always want to complain
are marked down as insane and given pain?

Am Not

I am not my own self,
when you tell me to be
the pictures on the shelf,
or the child on the tube.

I am not this drawn name,
when the pen must not write,
the words of the insane,
that express the soul of truth.

I am not I Me Mine,
when Robot is robot,
to not hear, see, feel fine
with human reason be.


Did you know that you're killing me,
did you know that you're hurting me?
Of course not, I'm just a robot--
No feelings,
no thoughts,
no soul,
and no life.

Did you know you're not the sun,
did you know you're not the only one?
Of course not, you're god,
no mistakes,
no wrongs,
no falls,
and just perfect.
Well, if you see me,
with no pulse or air,
I'm sure you'll say
that it's just my time,
nothing for you to do,
but breathe, what more
is a human to be?

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