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The "Butter" page, good tasting with some cholesterol
All poems © Estrella Lee

A Voice Calls

A voice calls my name like wind on the seashells. Soft source can't be explained, but a heart of love it sells. Memories sweep through my hair, missing link comes so close. This puzzle we play is no fair, no lesson does turn with a show. Silent is my heart to understand, what the sands of time will bring. But does my mind know where to land, while guiding voice does seem to sing. Just Life will come around, to show the better than down.

A Place

I dream of a place far away, and dream of it everyday. It's a place where friends are around, the love never seems to go down. There is no hate because we understand; that place is our Father's land. No one will see me there though, because I feel I'm still God's foe. I wanted to learn to give all love, while I know there is no chance for me above. Everything makes me down here, can't get rid of all these fears. I want to ask Father for his protection, but I need to first love my reflection. No, I don't ever want to get married, or over the threshold while I'm carried. I'll stick with siblings and friends and then mayber God will accept me at the end.

The Truth

Words we speak can be a good thing, and still label them as "The Truth". The nouns and verbs don't have to sting and divide our people apart. We shield ourselves with vulgar words, while crippling Meaning of Love, just to say that's how to be heard in this time of Lost Direction. Back then, Peace was understanding, and it's existence was near ture. But now Self-Service is landing, while the truth is praised protection. Only The Truth can set us free, without the cruel Apostasy. Only The Truth will tie the tree, of Human Inconsistency.

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