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© Estrella Lee

The Days Turn

The days turn against you,
scorning all that you do.
Society sneers at your penury,
leaving no room for love in February.
You seek me, but the works aren't there,
you seek me, how do I say I care?
Feeling your pain, but you don't know,
feeling your pain, but I don't show.
This heart bleds, this mouth dry,
would it help if I cry?
I can't say the words because of fear
that after, you would not be near.
There has been a lot we've been through,
but it's hard to use this moment.
i love you

Donít Answer

Donít answer if I call
and if a tear should fall,
donít rush to hold my hand,
and say you understand.
I start to grab the phone,
and hope that you are home.
Somehow I put it down,
knowing my heart will frown,
if I hear your warm voice,
so I made that new choice.
No one can fix the sun,
when itís light is all done.
Nor can the bluebird sing,
when it lost its own wing.
Let it be, let it rain,
when love did cause the pain.

There in Raindrops

† Doc said he had to go away,
but my lips had nothing to say.
Oh, how my heart has disappeared,
cause thereí s no one to understand,
and nobody to hold my hand,
this event I always have feared.
Lightning flashes, thunder roars,
I do not see a bluejay that soars.
Happy memories are pushed back,
but no tears have been delivered,
while the raindrops make me shiveró
True love can be shot: thatís a fact.
Lightning flashes, thunder roars,
I do not see an eagle that soars.
Do you see him in the raindrops,
or is it me with my mind gone,
for in this world, I donít belong.
No need to seeóI feel his heart stop.

What is Going On?

What is going on in your mind,
that wonít let you forgive me?
I have to know how to find,
the road that will help me see.
You donít know how much you mean,
to my heart which bleeds with tears.
Now these days I make myself lean,
and than yesterday have more tears.
What is going on with your heart,
why you look at me with no thought?
I even wonder if you were kind from the start,
or just to play a game which I bought.
I understand if your heart is burned,
because this event canít be learned.

Here the Sun

Here comes the sun over the earth,
Here comes the sun with all its glory,
each day with its light giving birth,
to a world of never ending story.
Can you see it with your eyes,
and feel it with your mind?
There are no cherry babes who cry,
because happiness they can find.
The bluejay sits on the mushroom,
while the walrus speaks of peace.
It Ďs a strange wonder why there is gloom,
in the days where pain is told to cease.
Here comes the sun from me to you,
Here comes the sun, tell me if itís true.

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