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Why George W. Bush Scares Me

October 1st, 2004

His campaign seems to be based on only one thing: to end terrorism.  It just seems to me that by antogonizing the Iraqis, by putting our noses where it really didn't belong, he just brewed up more terrorism.  You know, overseas terrorism doesn't scare me as much as homegrown terrorism.  I mean, I don't see the point in supporting Bush if he plans to take a lot of rights away from people who deserve them.  He seems to be a fundie Christian with misoginstic tendencies.  Look at his nomination of Hager for FDA .  This guy says women should pray and read the Christian bible, instead of taking medication for P.M.S.; I really don't feel comfortable with somebody who doesn't have a uterus giving out orders about how to deal with menstrual problems.  Why doesn't Dr. Hager request exorcisms be performed as well on women who suffer from P.M.S.?  I just could see a big increase in televanglists exorcising the demons that cause P.M.S.  Take you, Mr. President, but I would rather stay in the 21st century instead of being transported to 12th century.  If that did happen then the conservatives have no right in saying that Muslim women are oppressed.  Oh, no, let me guess, it's better to be ruled by male chauvenistic Christians than male chauvenistic Muslims, right?

When I was younger, it was easy to say "this is evil, this is good".  After reading a few books on Taoism and questioning the laws of the Christian god, it's not so easy anymore.  I respect religions and beliefs that have a moderate viewpoint.  I respect countries that are dominated by another religion.  I'm living in a country where my beliefs would be considered "satanic" or "disliked by 'God'", but I try to not feel threatened.  It would be the same way if I was living in a moderate Muslim-dominated society.  However, I see that George W. Bush isn't even exhibiting 21st century religious tolerance.  I respect Judaism, but there are other non-Christian religions that should be given a place in this country.  No offense, but what would it take?  Holocaust of Pagans?  "Non-Muslim" schools?  Laws that declare heathenism as a captial crime?  Pagans are usually pacificists, so we fight by being strong, yet silent.  However, I forsee that we may have to change our ways a bit in order to hold unto the rights our deist forefathers wanted us to have.

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