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Thought I Thought

Instead of just placing one line of thoughts that seem to have no depth or discussion, I have decided to make this section more of a journal style.  It is also a good way to give my web site some content!  Obligatory Disclaimer: The following opinions are not associated with nor condoned by Tripod (and its associates).  These opinions are of the author's own.  I am not some intellectual poser who is trying to be quoted in some college student's philosophy term paper; "I am just writing 'cause I want to!" Oh, yeah, all pictures/photos/graphics are just cute visual aids.

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10 May 2002:

   [Religion and all that] I am from the United States, raised from semi-strict Catholic family.  A lot of my life was filled with notions about this place called "Heaven" that "God" also made (besides Earth and everything in it).  Jesus was "my friend", and happened to be God's son.  I prayed as much as I could, though lying to humans was a hard habit to break.  If I was "good" and not followed "the Devil" I would get to go to Heaven and be with God, Jesus, Mary, all the saints and angels in heaven.  My view point started to shift after I was 19.

Okay, so I was royal pissed at The Maker for not helping me with my grades (when in fact, I can now apply the blame to my human condition which lacked motivation).  As time went on, I found more reasons to doubt "God Almighty". Healed slowly from a car accident.  "Touched By An Angel".  Meeting a Neo-Pagan online.  "Hearing" a lot of cynical remarks about the Holy Bible online.  Things started to snowball from there.  But there real kicker was George Anderson and John Edwards - people who can contact "the dead".

I was already on the brink of going "there is no God", but these two "mediums" helped me build a different philosophy of life.  This was a hierarchy.  The hierarchy basically consisted of humans - carbon life to The One (which exists everywhere, every plane of existence - known or unknown).