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Character Descriptions of The Monkees: 2.0

(text not based on real life)
Four Average Monkees

Here's a story:  Four Monkees in a Pad
               Four young men lived in a beach house in Malibu, CA.  All were
        members of a band called The Monkees.  If they once were more than
        it is not known.  It is known that they lived together since late 1965.  Each
        one comes from a different part of the western world.  However, this band
        was not a successful one by monetary standards.  No, these four:  Micky,
        Davy, Mike and Peter had to strike it out alone together, and sometimes did
        more than what was in their musical endeavours.
                This essay will show each Monkee's history, and contribution to the group.
        Although, it is written that the individual connects better with one at the most,
        it should be noted that there are other bonds with other members which
        creates an unbroken chain of brotherhood amonst the band.  Each profile is
        completed with the best of knowledge, however later versions could be

Dolenz, Micky:  The Funny Man of the Bunch
                Micky was born and raised in the geographical area of Burbank, CA.
        Being close to Hollywood, he grew up being influenced by television and
        the movies, but not overwhelmed by them.  This is why his impersonations
        and accents are mostly very good.  That is only one part of him.  Another
        part is his interest in the realm of science.  However, being a drummer for
        The Monkees gives Micky not much time to master his knowledge of science.
        It is all in his gray matter, but rarely tested and perfected.
                Micky never intently dabbled in music, except for maybe singing in
        the shower.  However, when The Beatles became popular in America in 1964,
        his peers were putting together bands.  He saw how girls his age were
        attracted to guys in a band and not guys with chemistry sets.  Eventually, he
        fell into a set of drums, literally, and saw his calling.  He practiced playing the
        drums on his spare time.  Sometime later, he met a bass and keyboard player
        named Peter Tork.
                Micky and Peter(see his description) are like brothers.  They have
        known each other longer than any other member of The Monkees, so they
        are closer to each other.  Micky is, in a way, Peter's keeper.  Mike does not
        deal with Peter's mistakes with the kind of experience Micky has.  Since
        Micky is second-in-brains-in-command, he does not have too much responsiblity
        as Mike, and thus be able to handle Peter's day to day crises.  He understands
        Peter needs to somtimes be guided because he does not understand, not
        because he seems to not want to learn.

Jones, Davy:  The Cute One of the bunch
                Davy grew up in England under the care of his upper middle class
        grandfather.   His friends were plenty, but very hard to come by due to
        his below average height.  He bonded better with adults, like Sir Malcolm
        Kibby, because they knew height does not describe what is inside. After
        witnessing The Beatles' success in America, Davy left England in search
        of fame.  For a short time, he hanged around New York in hope for a career
        in singing and dancing.  He played guitar for a bit to broaden his talents.
        After finding not much success, Davy heard about California.  He decided
        to go and see if there's anything there for him.  After being in The Monkees
        for a while, Davy gave up the guitar because it was too heavy and getting
        a custom made on was too expensive.  He took up the tambourines and
                Davy is the daughter that Mike (could)never had.  For some reason,
        American girls are very attracted to Davy.  All this attention distracts Davy
        from the group.  Thus, Mike is the main Monkee who has to fight off the girls
        in order to have Davy "around".  It is a father-male daughter relationship.
        Because of Mike's parental influence, Davy is bonded to Mike.  Mike is
        Davy's guardian, he feels compelled to flee to Mike for protection whenever
        something bad happens.

Nesmith, Mike:  The Smart One of the bunch
                Mike grew up in the backwoods of Texas.  He was the oldest of ten children.
        He helped take care of the other children, and also helped around the house.
        Although he did not succeed in education, he learned a lot about life while
        growing up.  This learning placed him apart from his siblings.  The backwoods
        was more of a step than a tradition.  Mike first learned about music at the local
        hoe-downs.  He was amazed at the power in the sound of the guitar.  At the
        age of twelve, his father bought him a second-hand guitar.  He practiced by
        copying the guitar players around his area.  He also tried to repeat a few of the
        country records lying around the house.  Occasionally, he would be able to pick
        up a blues station on a short wave radio.  He became good at the guitar, and
        wanted more than the local scene.  After trying Dallas, he heard about California
        and what it had to offer.  He left Texas to his parents dismay.
                Even though Micky's interest is more in science than in music, Mike feels
        more bonded toward him.  They can easily discuss situations with each other
        without much logic being distorted.  Both see the destruction that Davy's
        amorous feelings can cause, and how Peter sometimes can not see the
        forest for the trees.  Mike does worry about Peter, but keeping an eye on
        Davy and trying to save The Monkees(in some cases) makes it hard to keep
        an eye on Peter 24/7.  As with Davy, Mike is more of a father to Peter,
        but has a hard time hanging out with Peter.

Tork, Peter: The Dummy of the bunch
            The location of Peter's childhood is not made apparent.  He could have
        been born in the east coast, considering the writers gave a clear indication
        of the previous three.  Here is a few other ideas.  Peter incidentally
        or accidentally traveled over to the west coast.  Because he has a gift in music,
        Peter teamed up with other musicians.  However, musicians came and went
        due to his lack of sense.  He had a hard time of others willing to have him
        around.  He heard about Mike Nesmith through his friend, Micky.  Micky
        somehow convinced Mike that Peter could be an assest to the band.
                Peter is affected by Mike's tough love.  He knows Mike is on a level he
        will never reach.  However, he follows Mike's advice as best as he can.
        He enjoys being in the company of Micky.  He does not feel controlled, just
        advised by Micky in a situation.  Micky understands just how sensitive Peter
        is, so he knows the best way to correct Peter.

© E.T. Lee, 1999, except graphic.

Disclaimer:  The characters and individuals portrayed and the names used herein are fictitious and any similarity to the same characters or history is coincidental and unintentional.

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