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The Monkees Summer 2001 Tour!!

Updated 27 September 2001
The Monkees 1967The Monkees' (Micky Dolenz, Davy Jones, and Peter Tork) tour in March 2001 was such a success, they are touring the U.S. again in the summer!!  Here is what we know:The Monkees 2001


Peter Tork forced to resign!! Rest of tour is just David Jones and Micky Dolenz!!!

ONLY Dolenz and Jones on-board for the UK

U.K. tour postponed to March 2002

Due to Micky contracting larygitis, two concerts in California have been cancelled.

Peter Tork has turned in his resignation papers for The Monkees 2001 tour.  His last concert date will be September 8 in Texas.

September 1st, Peter Tork told to not show up at his last two shows as a Monkee! So he resigns from those dates!

Due to the tragic events on September 11, 2001, the U.K. dates were postponed until March 2002.

The football game and concert were rescheduled.

DISCLAIMER: Dates and locations are subject to change and are not 100% final.  If you're interested in attending a concert, please check with the venue/ box office or sponsor for ticket and concert confirmation.  Phone numbers are not guaranteed to be accurate.

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