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Monkee TeleVision's Dialogue Pad
Welcome to this portion of Monkee Television!!
This page is set up to present to you
dialogues from all *aired episodes of "The Monkees"!!
Here's a summary of what you will find.

*Hey, they had to be aired or they will have a VERY raunchy smell!
Season One  Season Two

You probably are interested in sounds from the episodes.
I found this site just recently.

Monkee TeleVision's Dialogue of the Week
[MICKY is helping Peter look phat for Valerie at her party.
MICKY walks in and runs into VALERIE.]
BROKER MICKY:  "Hello! I'm looking for Peter Tork!
I'm his stockbroker. I have to tell him to sell short
before Short changes his mind!"
VALERIE:  "I thought he was just a musician! Is he very wealthy?"
BROKER MICKY:  "Wealth--wealth-- wealthy?!! Oh, he smokes
ten cigars a day, and lights them up with one hundred dollar bills!"
VALERIE:  "That is an expensive habit."
BROKER MICKY:  "Not really. He gets the cigars wholesale!!'"
                      --from "One Man Shy"

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