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Profile of Peter Tork

Rejected by the tall blond biker chick! Who told you to kill Oraculo??
NAME:  Tork, Peter ("Pete")
BEHAVIOR:  Displays shyness and has slightly less attention span
INSTRUMENTS:  Bass guitar, keyboards, banjo, piano
NOTES:  Davy hailed from jolly ol' England. He did not grow up in an elite neighborhood. Around the same time as The Beatles, Davy came to America. It's possible, that because of his brief Cabaret- ish dance scenes, he stayed around the New York area before he came to California, where he hooked up with The Monkees.

Leaving his family in England probably was a hard thing for David. This is evident by his frequent requests to Mike for help. He is somewhat a perfectionist which is shown through his behavior towards Peter.  For instance, he stands back when Peter's complicated situation involves a girl.  He can be tolerable of Peter's actions, but for some reason, it stagnates the development between a strong bond between the two Monkees. Probably the stagnation is also caused by the fact that Davy and Peter are alike; combined, both are the majority of the reasons why The Monkees get into different complicated situations. :->