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Profile of Michael Nesmith

Having a poignant discussion with Davy's grandfather. He's so suave and debonair!

NAME:  Nesmith, Michael ("Mike")
BEHAVIOR:  Primarily reserved laced with heavy experiences
INSTRUMENTS:  Primarly lead guitar
NOTES:  Mike was born and raised in Texas, possibly in the backwoods area.  By the way he looks after the other Monkees, it is assumed he was the oldest child, and the fact Milli mentioned it in "Monkee Mother".  He is more of a justice seeker than a person who decides on every little thing.  If something does not sound sensible, he will question it.  Being more reserved than outspoken, he only gives information when absolutely necessary to improve the outcome of a situation.  This is especially true if he knows speaking up too soon will get himself in trouble, unless he is overemotional on a subject.

Mike spreads himself out evenly with his relationships with the other Monkees.  While also being the person giving out information when necessary, he has this belief in not telling people more than twice what to do.  This is probably the only reason that has Mike distancing himself from Peter, a person who needs more looking after than your average aircraft carrier.  However, Mike is not a stick in the mud when it comes a major and, possibly, unique problem that negatively affects Peter.  Micky is good to be with because he is the most independent Monkee than the other three, even though there are times when Micky gets hyperactive to the point he needs Mike to point him in the right direction.  Mike and Micky click well at times beause they both are analytical, and creatively use the analyzations, though in different ways.  Mike has a little problem with Davy's impulsive behavior towards people and in dealing with them.  He wouldn't have a problem with Davy's amourous ambitions, if Davy would look at the whole picture once and a while.  Other than these shortcomings of his fellow Monkeemen, Mike is willing to work with them as a band up the never-ending ladder of success.