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Profile of Micky Dolenz

This look speaks for itself. What do you mean I *have* to marry the girl?!!?

NAME: Dolenz, Micky ("Mick")
BEHAVIOR: Very animated with a pinch of ambiguity
INSTRUMENT(s):  Drum set and some percussion
QUOTES:  "They call me El Dolenzio!  Also known as The Bandit Without A Soul!!"
"To dispose of a two-headed org, jump up and down three times, roll a head of cabbage, and giggle!"

NOTES:  Micky grew up around the southern California area, and was influenced by film and television.  This influence has allowed him to acquire an ability to do accents and some impersonations (primarily James Cagney).  Micky is also interested in the science field, however his experience in science has been limited. 

Even though he gets along with the other three Monkees well, Micky seems to take on the big brother role to Peter in a little more protective manner.  Why he is the one with the most patience with Peter is unexplainable.  Micky is the Monkee with the more concrete ideas on how to get The Monkees out of bad situations, whilst Mike takes the abstract approach.