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Welcome to Monkee TeleVision!

I was awstrucken by the chemistry that was put out by the four actors (Micky Dolenz, David Jones, Michael Nesmith, and Peter Tork) in the 1960s television show "The Monkees".  I was further captivated by some of their amazing chemistries on other appearances within television, from commercials to guest roles.  This web site is dedicated to showing you what got me goosebumps.

It's not all that bad!  I am putting up a number of the best dialogues from each episode.  I am slowly putting up some pictures from the episodes.  The Bathroom and the Who ... Where are one of the unique things about Monkee TeleVision!  There is also the news section where happenings on television are reported, and constantly updated.  Of course any critical news concerning any of the entertainers will be posted.

If you have a slow modem or older browser,
it probably would be best if you went to
the text-version of this page,
which has been revamped on All Hollow's Eve 2000.
NEWS updated 5.15.2001 - hOt stuff for the month of May!!
New! Check out what's with the current Monkees tour here!

I created an incomplete transcript of "Hey, Hey, It's The Monkees".
TRANSCRIPTS, TRANSCRIPTS! Due to the new plugs for
The Monkees 2001 tour, Monkee TeleVision will be putting up a transcript section of the recent American tv interviews!

Management has been offered a numbered of times
to sign a petition to have "The Monkees" reshown
on Nick-at Nite. Here is our opinion on the whole petition matter.

UPDATE -- Bathroom Page is done being rewritten!
However, the Monkee Profiles is up and revised
(Michael Nesmith's and Peter Tork's are yet to be uploaded)!

There is another new section pending in Monk TV, dedicated
to "Episode #781"!

For those musicially inclined, you can find out
more about Monkees' music
in the top half links of Monkee TeleVision's links page.

at Las Cruces, Circa 1996]Check out the
quotes section.
More quotes
and dialogues
than you can
shake a
banana at!

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on Tripod under!

Photo courtesy The Bulletin; Las Cruces, NM, USA

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This site is a fan's site which is non-commercial.
Any copyright infringements or credit displacement concerning any text, graphics, and/or name(s) is unintentional. See Monkee TV's image history to find out where Monkee pictures came from

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This Monkee TeleVision originated in Geocities early 1998.
Transferred to Tripod in July of 1999. Updated on 23 August 2001.
Site Logo E.T. Lee. No consequence of Monkee Television in Angelfire. I acknowledge that none of the pictures/graphics herein and elsewhere on this site were ever originally exposed by me as of this time.

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