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Where I got my Monkee Images

Well, you see it's like this...

When I first built Monkee TeleVision in Geocities, I didn't have much images to go on.  I was mainly writing text pages.  Then, I got a hold on the scanner in school and started scanning Monkee stuff.  I was not really satisfied on what I had, so asking around on tol somebody (name withheld) gave me some pictures to go on that she found.  Most of the pictures went to the old pictures section of Monkee TeleVision.  They can be found in my /monkjpg/ and /monkgif/ sections.  Reading the poignant information about public (and possibly copyrighted) Monkee pictures (especially the Cornerstone Trading Cards), and the fact that Monkee TV was intended to be about primarily Monkees on television, made me voluntarily take them down and redo the picture section.

I still wanted pictures so I just mainly tried to hunt down pictures concerning the episodes and the 1997 ABC special, "Hey, Hey, It's The Monkees".  Now, initially, I came across Monkee fan sites that said close to, "You can use the pictures as long as you put my link on your site."  Well, I have done that.  Now, I am seeing different sites with the same pictures saying something along the lines of, "You may not take any images without my permission."!!!  A large number of those image files can be found in my /html/ section which should hold mainly pictures from the episodes.

That, mes amis, is where the line gets really gray.  The real kicker is when my HARD DRIVE downloads images into the Temporary Internet Files section!  I don't know where the images originated from, especially when everybody else is taking dibs on them!  Unless, the image was blatantly altered like in Monkeedom where a Justus picture has milk mustaches drawn on them, there is no positive proof of ownership.  The only time I change the size and shape is for 1) banners and 2) background images, so there's no probablility that the images I have were branded by another site (unless the site I got the image stole the original and cut off the brand).

So there it is!  The long explanation of where I got my images.
Any questions?

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