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What is up with this place?

Maybe the best excuse for making a Monkee web site
which is solely based on anything television is that 
I grew up watching the show when I was ten years old 
with a half-baked idea that, nah, it is just a really cool 
television show, like The Thundercats.  It was not until 
years later that I  learned that there was actual music 
of The Monkees out there.  Well, at least more actual 
than, say, Barbie and The Rockers. 

Being shy and a Monkees fan is not hip in the town 
that I lived, so the information, of that on The Monkees
first two albums was actually not played by "The Monkees",
was delayed for quite some time.  Of course, my brother
was dear enough to mention that they did marijuana, before
I learned about the histology of the albums.

And, *yet*, somehow through the criticisms, I kept my chin
up and was absolutely thrilled when Rhino re-released
the albums.  However, my fandom got the better of me,
and said "whatever atmosphere and condition comes out of
these albums, it doesn't matter, it all sounds good to me!"
Okay, so maybe I didn't exactly say that, but something 
to that effect.

So you see, I am in no condition to put up a site that talks
about both (or maybe show off?) the music and the television
aspects of The Monkees.  Probably the best place to look
is in the links to other Monkee pages.  Of course, I am not also
familiar with general music from the 1960s, nor I am too 
familiar from the music from later years either.

High BandwidthLow Bandwidth Episode reviews of "The Monkees", including #781, coming in spring of '00.
And, of course, whatever else comes to that tissue called my mind.