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My theory on why I like The Monkees

To be honest, I don't know why I like The Monkees.  It can't be
a generation-wannabe thing either.  When I was ten, and saw The Monkees
on television for the first time, I thought they were coming from the 1980s.
Not the 1960s or 1970s.  My brother, who in a way introduced me to them,
did not tell me the actors were already in their 40s.  I couldn't have originally
been rebelling against my parents.  If that was the case,
then television all together, in one way or another, is a form of rebellion.

Peer pressure??  No, sorry.  Rebelling against peer pressure?  Uh, more no than yes.

Maybe it's because I missed the last tram to be in a body that was born
in the '50s.  While I was in between lives, I was watching The Monkees,
and laughed at the pure comical aspects of the show.
What?  I wasn't cheating; when they said that the 20th century
was the age of rapid social and mental(inventions) revolution,
I just wanted to see the fascinating stuff.  My karma wasn't affected.

Well, you probably thought I'm going crackers.