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Welcome to Monkee Television's collection of

Articles About The Monkees!

First Started: September 1, 2000 A.D. at 10:49 p.m. MST

Hey there!  You've stumbled on my Monkee Articles section!

This section has articles that I found on The Monkees.  Some of them have reviews, some have interviews, and some have both.  As a Monkee fan stuck in the middle of a small town in the New Mexican desert, it's difficult hearing ANY news about the guys in the local paper unless it's BIG news, locally big that is.

When we were taught in high school how to look up articles on subjects, I got curious and decided trying to look up articles on The Monkees.  I was very pessimistic, but lo' and behold, I found articles on The Monkees!!!  A lot from the 1960s, and a few from the 1990s!

Remembering my own dire curiosity, I have decided to put them up on the internet.  Maybe these articles will bring you closer to The Monkees, or get an understanding of how they were thought of by the adults during the 1960s.

PLEASE NOTE: I took the time to find these articles, and type them up; I would be eternally grateful if you did *not* copy them straight off from my version (including, but not limiting to, downloading and re-uploading, either untouched or touched up).  Everybody else is doing articles from teen magazines and such, so this stuff I have is rare on the internet.  It has a lot of sentimental value as far as helping re-emerge my Monkee fandom during the days before the internet, even though some articles are harsh.

Here they are without any further ado!