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Welcome to the psyche page. Most of these poems were written around 1995.
Disclaimer: Depression can be the ultimate evil if
the path in life bears no visible forks. If you are under the age of 17,
you should get out of this
page now!! View discresion is advised.

(Come and Free Me!)

The darkeness bewilders my soul,
but it is no stranger to me.
It's evil doing takes a toll,
though to some it is hard to see.
I want to thrust a blade in its heart,
and rip its being from this world.
The prescence nerves me from the start,
how can it for I'm just a girl.
I feel that I belong in hell,
for it makes the place seem so near.
I see no light in the well,
hatred it brings never a fear.
If I had the power to kill,
I would do it without regret.
I am forced to climb this blank hill,
no power of death can I get.
If one should read this poem of mine,
they best pray it's in later time.

Dark Waters

Dark waters roll into my life,
feeling my mind so far away.
Hopes and dreams are cut by a knife,
nothing real seems like yesterday.

If this path is right, why am I sad?
If this path is fair, why are they dead?
I think the world now is going mad,
with eyes only in the color red.

E'en tho I see the bad omens,
my mind is pushed to destruction.
Henchmen fed me faux pas of humans,
but blame me doing instructions.
No love or hope can save,
before the end of time and space,
and not be a human slave,
in the rigmarole of this race.