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Monkees Race Again (or Here We Go Again)

Four for Tea, and Tea for FourThe Monkees get a call from a friend
of Davy's grandfather. He needs
help fixing his race car.
T.N. Crumpets' nemesis, Baron,
wants to win the race so his car,
The Klutzmobile, will be famous.
After a series of bad doings by the
Baron, Davy ends up racing against
him alone with The Monkeemobile.

CRUMPETS:  "You must be Davy Jones!!"
DAVY:  "That's right, yes!!  Hello, pleased to meet you, sir!
My grandfather talked to you many times!  You have some
trouble with the car here?"
CRUMPETS:  "Yes!!  Well, you see,  I fear
some absolute rotter is sabotaging my car!!"
PETER:  "Yes, but are you having some trouble with your car?"

BARON:  "Well, how is it, Yankee?"
MICKY:  "The car is in perfect tune!!"
BARON:  "No, it isn't!!"
MICKY:  "Yes, it is!!"
BARON:  "No, it isn't!!!"
MICKY:  "Yes, it is!!!"
BARON:  "No, it isn't!!!!"
MICKY:  "Yes, it is!!!!"
BARON:  "No, it isn't!!!!!"
MICKY:  "I'll show yoouu!!!!!"  
<--! ! ! ! ! !-->"B-flat!!!!"

MICKY:  "What's that?"
CRUMPETS:  "It's for atmosphere!  Genuine London
mist spray!!  Also comes in roll-on, of course!"
DAVY:  "It smells like Liverpool to me!!"
CRUMPETS:  "That's terrible!!  Smells more like Manchester!!!"
MIKE:  "That's L.A. smog!!!!!"

MICKY:  "Brain washing!!  Solitary confinement!!  Starvation!!!
Nothing you could do to me will make me help you with your plan!!!!"
BARON:  "How about physical torture?"
MICKY:  "You've got yourself a mechanic!!!!"

MIKE: "Now hold it, hold it, before this scene goes
any further, man, what is this gun thing?"
WOLFGANG: "Well now just a minute, we've got
to have the gun.  After all it's a prop!"
MIKE: "That's horrible!"
PETER: "Put that away!"
MIKE: "It's bad enough that you're with a uniform and all!"
PETER: "But guns on television and everything??
It's bad enough we have a tuning fork!"

BARON:  "What have you done?!?  You have ruined my engine!!!"
MICKY:  "No, no!!  Nonsense!!  I haven't ruined your engine at all!!
Anything that I take apart, I can put back together!!!  Now do you have
needle and thread? ... Ah, how about some glue? ... Or you have some clay? ...
A band-aid? ... Spit ... on my finger?"

<=No tea and crumpets were hurt 
during the making of this film.