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The Prince and the Paupers

While The Monkees wait at an audition for a ball, Davy is mistaken
for Prince Ludlow. The prince notices how outgoing Davy is,
and asks him to take his place during a meeting
with a girl, Wendy Forsythe.  Davy is a smash, and is asked to
continue to woo Wendy.  The prince's uncle is not pleased
with this outcome, though he knows not about the switch.
Meanwhile, Ludow is taken to the pad and practices
wooing and learns a little bit about common life.
Ludlow, er, Davy proposes to Wendy; she accepts.
Ludlow is captured, Davy decides to marry Wendy for show,
the prince gets freed, a guard gets a headache, a foodfight is ensued,
and Ludow and Wendy marry. Davy gets hung up on Wendy,
but not for long!

DAVY: "Now look!!  I can't go around impersonating a prince!!
I don't even know the girl!!  She'll see right through me in a minute!!"
MIKE: "Come on, Davy!!  You know you're
Mr. Charm when it comes to girls!!"
MICKY: "Oh really!!  Girls find him really sweet!!"
PETER:  "He makes their teeth decay!"

DAVY:  "What?!?  Are you kidding me?!!
He wants me to substitute for him for the next few days!!
You must be out of your mind!!!"
MICKY: "Ah, come on, Davy!!  You could do it; you really could!!!"
PETER:  "Sure, you could!!"
DAVY:  "But he wants me to convice the girl to marry him!!!"
BOTH(to LUDLOW): "You must be out of your mind!!!!"

MIKE: "Hey, Prince Ludlow!  Is it possible that
the count is trying to keep you from getting married?"
LUDLOW: "But the Count's a fine man!!
He's generous, and he's loyal, and he's kind-hearted!"
MIKE:  "Yeah, but I'm hip, that's why I don't trust him!"

LUDLOW:  "I'm very, very hungry.  Is there anything to eat in there?"
PETER:  "Well, there's some limburger cheese, and a can of sardines,
and some liverwurst that's been here for two weeks.
What will I open first?"
LUDLOW:  "How about the window?"

MICKY:  "Hey, it's after six!!  Davy was supposed to call!
You don't think anything happened?"
PETER:  "Nah, we would have heard if anything happened to him!"
MICKY:  "Yeah, I suppose so."
PETER:  "Still ... does he have any identification?"
MICKY:  "Yeah, his birthmark!"
PETER:  "Does it have his address on it?"

MIKE: "You know, Count Myron is uptight about this whole thing!
You gotta act very fast! You know what to do when she gets here?"
LUDLOW(??): ?????
COURTIER:  "Miss Wendy Forsythe!!"
LUDLOW(??):  "Miss Forsythe -- I mean, Wendy, will you marry me?"
MIKE:  "Oooh, that was fast!!!"

DAVY:  "Do you think she'll be all right with Ludlow?
After all, it was me she was in love with."
MIKE:  "Well, I tell you, Davy.  You know, there's a wise old man
lived about 5,000 years ago."
DAVY:  "Really?"
MIKE:  "Ling Fu Yang."
DAVY: "Oh."
MIKE:  "He once said, he said, 'If appleseed turns to wing, it'll fly away
a beautiful butterfly.  But if the butterfly turns to
appleseed, it'll just lay there on the ground.'
That's what Ling Fu Yang said 5,000 years ago."
DAVY:  "Oh, really what does that mean?"
MIKE: "I just don't have any idea!"

<=Unfortunately, a lot of food was hurt during the making of this film.