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I Was A Teenage Monster

The Monkees are sent to a strange house to play
for a party. However, it turns out that they are to be musical instructors
to a beginning student. After meeting the unique individual, The Monkees
procede to make him more groovy in the ways of rock-and-roll.
However, the student's sponsor has other scientific ideas!!!
After reversing the process, in more ways than one, the mad scientist is tied up
so that he no longer can be a threat to anymore musicians!

MIKE: "Hello, we're The Monkees!"
DR. MENDOZA: "Yes, so I surmised! I am Dr. Mendoza!"
MICKY: "Well, uh, Dr. Mendoza, where are all the people?
We're supposed to play for a party, aren't we?"
DR. MENDOZA: "Oh, no! You're misinformed, no!"
MIKE: "Well, what are we doing here?"
DR. MENDOZA: "I want you to teach!  I would like you so much to teach!!"
MIKE: "Teach who, you?"

MIKE: "Um, Dr. Mendoza, I sort of assume, that you
want us to teach your friend rock-n-roll?"
Dr. Mendoza: "That's right! Rock-n-roll really appeals to the little monster!"
DAVY: "Oh, it's a child!  Is he your son?"
DR. MENDOZA: "Yes, I guess you could say he's my own flesh and blood!"

DR. MENDOZA: "All science must be served!"
MIKE: "Doctor, I can not risk the lives of myself, and my men, for such a
foolhardy experiment and for such a pittance of a sum as one hundred dollars!"
DR. MENDOZA: "I'll make it two hundred!!"
MIKE: "You're on!!"

MIKE: "Something tells me we shouldn't have taken this job."
PETER: "You said, you said, that if I made dinner
every night and made my bed, I could have a pet!"
MIKE: "All right, the first day you don't feed it, back it goes!!!"

MICKY: "No, no, I'll tell you what's
wrong with him.  I'll tell you man, his image!!"
MONSTER: "Don't do that!"
MICKY: "First a Beatles haircut!
"All right, dark glasses..
"Ah, some groovy clothes..
"and a guitar!
"Well, now, how does he look?"
MIKE: "He looks like a long-haired, near-sighted monster with a guitar!!"

PETER: "Oh, hey, look fellas!  All the comforts of home!"
MIKE: "Your home, shotgun, not mine!"

MICKY: "Well, I think I got that gizmo wired right, but it could be dangerous guys!"
MIKE: "Well, I'm very fatalistic!"
MICKY: "Huh?!?"
MIKE: "Well, I figure an electrobe has my name on it or it doesn't!"

DR. MENDOZA: "Android, I am your master! Kill The Monkees!!"
PETER: "Android! Andy! Andy, wait!! I am Peter, your friend!
The doctor is an evil man! He wants to exploit you!
You're only a plot in his hands! A tool for his abercious ambitions!"
MIKE: "Abercious ambitions?!?!  Where did he get that?"
DAVY: "It's in the script!"
MIKE: "Are you sure?"
DAVY: "It's on page 28!"
MIKE: "Oh!"
PETER: "Besides he wants sixty percent of your income!"
MONSTER: "Sixty percent??!"
DR. MENDOZA: "No, Android!  I'm your master!
I'll get only twenty-five percent! Get that Peter!!!"
PETER: "No, Android!! He's an evil man!"
DR. MENDOZA: "Kill Peter!!!"

MIKE: "Ah, that's right, officer. It's the big scary house
on top of the hill. Oh, just a minute, I'll have to ask.
Hey, Dr. Mendoza, what's the name of the street?"
DR. MENDOZA: "Rosebud Lane!"
MIKE: "Rosebu--I thought that's the name of the sled?"

<=The instruments used during this film were cheap imitations,
The Monkees were able to continue to not play their own instruments.