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Monkees Blow Their Minds

'First I will kill Oraculo!'Peter seeks help for a songwriter's block.
He consults Oraculo, "the world's leading mentalist", and Oraculo gives Peter hypnosis. The other Monkees feel Peter is being more than hypnotized, and it's not really helping with the block. Through expermintation, they bypass Oraculo and his henchman, Rudy, retrieve Peter and unsuccessfully thrawt Oraculo's future schemes. By using an old fashion trick, they get themselves out of the trance.

[Peter enters Oraculo's shop and spots the owner.]
PETER:  "Are you the great Oraculo?"
ORACULO:  "I am Oraculo, the world's leading mentalist!!"
PETER:  "I am Peter Tork!"
ORACULO:  "Of course, I knew that, surely if you said it yourself!!"

ORACULO:  "Look into my eyes!!  Deeply, deeply,  ever so deeply!!  What do you see?"
PETER:  "Dishonesty, cowardice, and a lack of scruples!"
ORACULO:  "Too deeply!!  Try again!!"

ORACULO:  "And now, Mr. Tork, you will do everything exactly as I told you to do!!  First..?"
PETER:  "First, I will kill Oraculo!!!!"
ORACULO:  "Who told you to do that?!?!"
PETER:  "He whoth secretly hates Oraculo, and hasn't the guts to tell him!!!"
RUDY:  "For a psychic slave, you sure got a big mouth!!!"

[Monkees hatch a plan against Oraculo]
MIKE:  "I'll stall Oraculo until you get back.  Micky, are you ready?"
MICKY:  "Gosh-a-roonie, yes!!  Boy, I've poured over all these mystical maps and charts,
and I've read every book in the public library!!!"
MIKE:  "What have you learned?"
MICKY:  "The Dewey Decimal System!"

[Oraculo attempts to extract Mike's memory of the valise that holds mucho dinero.]
ORACULO:  "Now I want you to free your mind of all thought!
Good!!  Now, ah, how do you feel?"
MIKE:  "Ah, thoughtless."
ORACULO:  "Now, look deeply, deeply into my eyes!!  What do you see?"
MIKE:  "Cowardice, and dishonesty, and a general lack of scruples!"
ORACULO:  "Maybe there's something in what they say?"

[Micky and Davy try to free Peter]
MICKY:  "Pete, Pete, Pete!!  Ah, Pete?"
PETER:  "Don't I know you from somewhere?"
MICKY:  "Hi, I'm Micky!!!!  I mean, I'm Micky, your best
bud--pal--buddy and pal, and friend from harship and toil
of years and years!!"
PETER:  "Keep talking to me, and it will come back to me!"

DAVY:  "It's no use, Micky!  He won't budge!!"
MICKY:  "Well, we gotta get him outta here before Oraculo comes back!!!"
DAVY:  "I've got it!!  Experimental psychology!!"
MICKY:  "What's that?!?  It sounds complicated!!"
:  "Actually it isn't!!"

MICKY:  "Hold it, Oraculo!!  It is I, Captain Goodness, 
and Junior Goodness!!  We are here too--"
ORACULO:  "Goobidi, Gabidgoo!!!  You have lost your will!"
MICKY:  "You've lost your power!"

<= No skeletons were injured during the making of this film.