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Monkee Mayor

The Monkees dislike what the city is doing to their neighbors.
Mike visits the mayor to straighten it out,
but the results are unsatisfactory.
Being the only Monkee with a hat to throw in the ring,
Woolhat Mike runs for mayor, and discovers
the political baggage that comes with running a campaign.

DAVY:  "You know, I'm so hungry, I felt I haven't eaten in days!"
PETER:  "Me too, man, I'm starved!!"

MR. SWEEZY:  "On my door, where it says 'welcome', will be a sign, '75 cents an hour'!
PETER:  "That's terrible!!  Even downtown, it's only fifteen!!"
MIKE:  "Just as I thought, man, they can't throw you out! 
It violates every zoning regulation!!"
DAVY:  "Are you sure, Mike?"
MIKE:  "Of course, I'm sure, man, you don't have to worry about 
them tearing down anything!!  They can't throw you out!  I'm pos--"

:  "Hello, would you mind telling the mayor that 
Michael Nesmith, Private Citizen, is here to see him, please?"
SECRETARY:  "Well, what is this in reference to Private Citizen, Michael Nesmith?"
MIKE:  "Well, there's a lot of innocent people just being thrown out of their houses by
this parking lot that the city's building and I would like to talk to him about it, if I could."
SECRETARY:  "Aww, a complaint?"
MIKE:  "Yeah, sort of."
SECRETARY:  "Right through that door!"

MIKE:  "Oh, man, the more I think about this whole parking 
lot thing, the more I think we gotta do something about it!!"
DAVY:  "How come?"
MIKE:  "Well, because we don't want a dictatorial system running the city.
And the rights of an individual citizen has got to be respected, and
because we gotta get all this people out of our house!"
MICKY:  "Look, man, if we're going to get rid of all these parking lots, we first have 
to get rid of the mayor, and you know, there's only one solution to that, right?"
DAVY:  "Right!!"
PETER:  "Right!!"

MIKE:  "And so until this crisis is over, I will honker down 
like a jackass in a hail"
DAVY:  "Oh, Mike!!  That's terrible, no politician would ever talk like that!!"

DAVY:  "Hey, Mike, look at this!!  Someone's been 
drawing mustaches all over your pictures!!"
MICKY:  "Hey, that's not really that bad, a little gray on the temples there!"
MIKE:  "You know, I bet you it was some goons from Mayor Motley's office!"
PETER:  "I bet it was political sabotooge!!"
DAVY:  "How do you know that?"
PETER:  "I'm not a camp d'aide for nothing!!"

DAVY:  "You know, that three o'clock in the afternoon, 
there would be somebody at city hall!"
MICKY:  "Maybe they're on their coffee break!"
PETER:  "How long is their coffee break?"
MIKE:  "From 9 to 5!!"

DAVY:  "What are we going to do with all this money?"
MICKY:  "It's two days 'till election!!!  We can blow this town wide open!!"
MIKE:  "Micky, the town's already wide open, man!  That's what we're trying to change!"
MICKY:  "It's two days 'till election!!!  We can blow this town wide closed!!"
<= It has been reported by their government newspapers, no dictatorial
governments' aide de camp was injured during the making of this film.