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Monkees Marooned

Peter trusts a guy enough to trade-in his acoustic guitar
for a map to Blackbeard's treasure.  Mike reprimands Peter
for doing a foolish act, and decides The Monkees should
look for the treasure (who knows, it could really exist).
When they arrive at the island, they surmise it is deserted,
well, except for the furocious animals.
They, unknowingly, set off Major Pshaw's pirate alarm,
and so Pshaw steals their boat.
Major Pshaw and his sidekick, Thursday, capture The Monkees,
play a game of hunter's hide-n-seek, recapture The Monkees,
and search for the treasure, all in one day!

[The Monkees load up the boat while reprimanding Peter]
MIKE:  "Buried Treasure!!  That's sorta out of hand, Pete!"
DAVY:  "Next thing you know, you'll be buying San Diego!!"
PETER:  "I turned San Diego down!!!"
MICKY:  "Treasure map!!  That's one of the dumbest things you ever done, Pete!!"
PETER:  "That's not fair, Micky!!"
DAVY:  "That's not true, Micky!  He's done dumber things that that, I know!!!"
PETER:  "Thanks, man!!"

MICKY:  "Hey, you know, if that was a rifle shot, that means
somebody's on this island trying to kill us!"
DAVY:  "Nah, that wasn't a rifle shot, man!!  This is a deserted
island!!  It was probably a car backfiring or something like that!!"

[Monkees looking for a way to hide from Major Pshaw and his rifle]
MIKE:  "C'mon, guys!!   We'll go that way!!  Hey, guys?!?   Hey, Davy?!!"
DAVY:  "What?"
MIKE:  "What are you doing?!?!"
MICKY:  "Hiding behind you!!"
MIKE:  "Hiding behind me?!  If he finds me, that means he finds you!!!"
DAVY:  "Oh, yeah!"
MICKY:  "Right!"
OTHER THREE:  "Better hide Mike!!!"

MIKE:  "Hey, Pete, don't cry!!  Crying won't get you anywhere!"
MICKY:  "I don't know!!  Look what it did for Barbra Stanwick!!"

[Our boys meet a strange, elderly, pale-skinned native]
MICKY:  "What strange tongue does this native speak?"
PETER:  "I understand that!!"
MICKY:  "You understand it?"
MIKE:  "What do you mean you understand it?!"
PETER:  "Would you repeat that?"
KIMBA:  "Kretch!!"
PETER:  "He says that he's the original Kimba of the jungle,
and that when the movie company ran out of money here
on location, they left him here behind to rot!"
DAVY:  "What happened to the chick that played his wife?"
PETER:  "She ran off with a casting director that promised her a big career!"
MICKY:  "What about the little kid who played the Kid?"
PETER:  "He's alive and well, in Argentina!"
MIKE:  "You mean, you got all that from--all he said was 'Kretch'!!"
PETER:  "Well, it's not the word, it's the way he said it!"

MICKY:  "Wait!!!  Our footprints!!  Great scot, that means
we're lost!!!!  We're going around in circles!!!!"
DAVY:  "No, no!!  Micky, Micky!!!  It's a small set, man!!
We have to use the same place!!  You know, different bushes, trees--"
MIKE:  "Don't you remember?  Like The Lone Ranger, 
and the big rock, you remember that?"
DAVY:  "That used to always come up, didn't it?"
MIKE:  "Yeah, it always came up!"
DAVY:  "I've always wondered about that!"
PETER:  "That certainly sets my mind at ease!!"

THURSDAY:  "Relax, man!!  I've defected!!!"
PETER:  "I'd go see a doctor about that!"
MIKE:  "That's not, that's not what defected means!!"
PETER:  "Yes, it is!!"

<= No rabbits, puppies, roosters, cats, or Kimbas were seriously
injured during the making of this film.