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Your Friendly Neighborhood Kidnappers

The Monkees enter a band contest.  Unfortunately, a rival band's manager
wants them out of the competition.  He sets up several schemes in
order for The Monkees to lose hope.  The last scheme is for them to be "kidnapped".
Trump, the manager, convinces the guys it will make good publicity.
Luckily, the only Monkee to not get kidnapped is Davy, who's on a date.
His date thinking the kidnapping is a social thing, invites
everybody at the club to the pad for a party!
After a while the guests leave, The Monkee finds out Trump
is not a friend, and a chase scene with the kidnappers is ensued.
The ending, well, you can find out on your own!

DAVY: "Aren't we supposed to go on after The Four Swine?"
MICKY: "Man, I wouldn't want to go on
anywhere after those guys!  They are really sleazy!!"
PETER: "Oh, that's only on the surface!  I bet underneath
that seemly hard exterior there's four pretty decent guys!"

TRUMP: "Don't you want to be famous, the idol of millions?"
DAVY: "No, we just want to be revered by a small minority."
TRUMP: "A small minority?"
MICKY(ala Harpo Marx): "Small minority, small minority, ha-ha!
Like a tribe of African pygmies, get it, pygmies, ha!"

DAVY: "Hey, Mike, what time is it?"
MIKE: "Huh?  Oh, it's three minutes to eight."
WAITRESS: "May I take your order now?"
MICKY: "Oh, nothing for us thanks!
We've just come in to get our clothes ripped off!
WAITRESS: "Very funny."

MICKY: "Today, Lester Crabtree, Men's Warebuyer at
Wiley's Department Store in Passaic, New Jersey
had his clothes ripped off in a local Hollywood nightspot.
Mr. Crabtree was quoted with saying, 'You've got a wild little town here!'"
DAVY: "You were right about one thing, it got loads of publicity!"
TRUMP: "Forget it!!  I got another plan!"
MIKE: "Oh, yeah, you got another plan!
What are you planning this time, a famine?"

TRUMP: "You ever been kidnapped?"
MIKE: "Ah, no.  Any of you guys?"
MICKY: "I was kidnapped as a kid once!  But my family
was so poor, they gave the ransom note to the neighbors!  Ha-ha!"

DATE: "Hey, where you two going?"
DAVY: "I'm going home to get kidnapped!"
DATE: "Well, can I come too?"
DAVY: "Okay."
DATE: "Come on, everybody!  Party at Davy's place!!"

DAVY: "Hold it, hold it!!  Hey, this is very thoughtless of us, you know!"
MIKE: "Why?"
DAVY: "He might land on somebody!"

DAVY: "Boy, Lester's doing all right!"
MIKE: "Yeah, but I've never heard him sing!"
MICKY: "But he doesn't have to sing.  He doesn't get a chance!"
PETER: "I guess all it takes in this world to be
a big star, is to have your clothes ripped off!"

=> No pretzels were brutally harmed during the making of this film.