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Hillybilly Honeymoon (Double Barrel Shotun Wedding)

The Monkees and the Monkeemobile get lost when trying
to find Highway 101.  They end up in the middle, literally, of a
feud between the Weskitts and the Chubbers.  Ella Mae Chubber falls for Davy,
which Pa strongly approves.  Shortly after, Davy gets nabbed
by the Weskitts.  After being rescued by Roland and Clem(aka Micky and Mike),
Ella Mae catches Davy, again.  The only solution is to make Judd a more civilized man in two hours!

PA CUBBER: "I'll kill the first Weskitt that crosses that line!!"
JUDD: "I'll shoot the first Chubber that crosses!!"
PETER: "Well, we're neither Weskitts or Chubbers!!
I guess that let's us off the hook!"
PA CHUBBER: "We BOTH hate strangers!!"
PETER: "Well, I guess that puts us back on the hook!"

MIKE: "Welcome to Swineville, Peter!  A happy, sleepy,
little hillbilly town where nice naive people
turn like THAT into a vengeful, hateful mob!"
PETER: "How do you know that?"
MIKE: "'Cause these are my people!"

DAVY: "Now just a minute!  It's the Chubbers you got
the argument against!  I'm just an innocent bystander!!"
MA WESKITT: "Those are the ones we kill first!"

MICKY: "Judd, you in there?!"
MIKE: "Hey, Judd!"
MICKY: "Hi Judd!"
JUDD: "Who's who?"
MIKE: "You remember your cousins Claude and Roy?"
JUDD: "No, I don't!!"
MIKE: "You remember your cousins Luke and Esreth?"
JUDD: "No, I don't!"
MIKE: "You remember your cousins Roland and Clem?"
JUDD: "Yes, I do!"
MIKE: "Yep!  Well, that's who we are!  Roland and Clem!"

MA WESKITT: "Congratulations, Sonny!!  You've been
welcomed into the family!
MICKY: "Thanks, Ma!!  You sure play good garbage!!"
JUDD: "How did you learn to play such a good nose?!"
MIKE: "We'll it's the fingers, you see, on the nostrils.
You take the fingers of the right hand, and place them
against the nostril of the right nose....the left nos--
NOW, Micky!!"
MICKY: *what!?*
JUDD: "How do you breathe?"
MIKE: "That's the beauty of it!  NOW, MICKY!!
Mmmnnmmmnn!!  MICKY!!!  Mmmmnnnmm!!
MICKY: "Pig's escaped, guys!  Pig's escaped!!"
JUDD: "I'll get it, kin!"
MICKY: "Come on!  Pig's escaped!!!
MIKE: "Go get the pig!!  Go get the pig!"
MICKY: "Relatives are gone!"
MIKE: "Yep, they split!"
MICKY: "Where's Davy?"
MIKE: "In the sack!"

MIKE: "It says Judd and Ma do the shot."
MICKY: "We did that!"
MIKE: "Mike and Micky free Davy."
MICKY: "That's my line!"
DAVY: "Right!"
MICKY: "We gotta get Peter at Elle Mae's!"
DAVY: "I'm not going in there again!
Was it good dramatic?  Was it good--"
MICKY: "You mean, you wouldn't risk your life for Peter?!"
DAVY: "Well, it's a, it's not just that!
I thought I make a good bottle o' gin!"

PA CHUBBER: "C'mon, sonny, say it!  'Will you marry me?'"
DAVY: "Will you marry me?"
MIKE: "Ten million chicks madly in love with him,
and he wants to marry an old man!"

MIKE: "Look, Judd.  If you want to be qualified, for Ella Mae,
you gotta treat her like a gentleman!"
JUDD: "But she's a girl!"
MICKY: "Isn't that dumb?!!"

JUDD: "You know about marriage?"
PETER: "I sure do!  Here's a picture of my present wife!"
JUDD: "That there's a bear!"
PETER: "Oh, that's my girlfriend!  This here's
a picture of my present wife!"
JUDD: "That there's a coyote!"
PETER: "It gets lonesome in the hills!"
JUDD: "Oh!"

Micky: "We'll do it all over again, Judd!!
What is this?"
JUDD: " a....spoon!!"
MICKY: "Right!!!  What do we do with it?"
JUDD: "'An we eat with it!"
MICKY: "What's this, Judd?"
JUDD: "That is a..fork!"
MICKY: "What do we do with it?!"
JUDD: "'An we eat with it!"

Excessive cheering from Mike and Peter.

MICKY: "Hold it, wait, hold it!!
What is this, Judd?"
JUDD: "That is a knife!!"
MICKY: "What do we do with it?"
JUDD: "An' we stab out blindly at those
who makes us eat with a fork and spoon!!!!"

<= Unfortunately, some spoons and forks were harmed during the making of this film.