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Too Many Girls(Davy & Fern)

A letter for Davy?Davy has a reputation of falling in love
within viewing distance.  Added to this,
is tea leaves "saying" that he will
fall in love, and leave The Monkees!
Mike, Peter, and Micky try to isolate him,
but the Tea Leave lady tries to set up Davy
and her daughter, Fern!  This is for an amateur contest.  The match-up is successful.&nsbp; The other Monkees sabotoge their act, and Davy realizes the fortune telling was a hoax.

PETER: "Hey, Davy!  Davy come back! use, he's gone!"
MIKE: "There's gotta be a girl around here somewhere."
MICKY: "There she is!  Over there!"

MICKY: "He's going to be the death of us yet!"
PETER: "I know!"
MIKE: "Ah, speaking of deaths, did you
see any more of them, Micky?"
MICKY: "Nah, don't see any more!  How about you, Pete?"
PETER: "No, how about you, Davy?"
PETER: "Poor Davy!"
MIKE: "He's helplessly trapped by his own good, staggering looks!"
MICKY: "I, myself, am deeply jealous!"

MRS. BADDERLY: "I see within 24 hours, you're goint to fall in love!"
MIKE: "Well, yeah, he does it everyday!"
MRS. BADDERLY: "But, this love is so great!
He'll leave his home and friends!"
MICKY: "What?!?!"
DAVY: "Impossible!  I wouldn't do that!"
MRS. BADDERLY: "Young man!!  It's predestined!  It's your
appointment with Fate!  The tea leaves never lie!!"
MICKY: "I'm switching to buttermilk!"

MIKE: "She said 24 hours right?  Okay, for the next
24 hours, we're going to isolate YOU from women!"
DAVY: "But that's half the world!"

PETER: "Oh, it's okay!  It's only a Girl Scout!"
MICKY: "Gosh-a-roonie!  It's only a Girl Scout!"

MIKE: "Hey c'mon, Davy!  Let's play some cards!"
DAVY: "I'm goin' crazy!  You can't lock me up like this!!
Why you doin' this to me?!?  You can't lock me up like an animal!!
I know why he's doin' this!!  It's because I'm short,
that's why!!  I'm short--"
MIKE: "Davy!"
DAVY: "What?!?"
MIKE: "Would you, please, c'mon and play some cards?!"
DAVY: "All right, deal 'em!"

DAVY: "Okay, fellas, that's it! This is a free country,
and I am going out!  I'm leaving, I'm leaving now!!!"
MIKE: "No!  No, no!!"
DAVY: "Listen, the only way you're goin' to keep
me here is to tie me, chain me down!!
That's how you're goin' to keep me here!"

PETER: "But he was chained to a chair!!"
MICKY: "Hey, what's that?"
MIKE: "It's a letter for Davy.  Special Delivery!!"
MICKY: "Man, what could possibly make
a person drag a chair across the city?!"

DAVY: "What was that?!"
FERN: "I don't know!  You touched me and I heard music!"
DAVY: "My name is David Jones, and I think I love you!"

PETER: "Hello?"
HACK: "Is Mrs. Badderly there?"
PETER: "No, she isn't."
HACK: "Would you give her a message?  This is Mr. Hack of The Amateur Hour.
I would like her to know that her daughter and Mr. Jones
are scheduled for last on our Sunday evening show."
PETER: "Okay, I'll tell her.
That was The Amateur Hour.  I'm supposed to tell the tea leaves lady that
her daughter and Davy are scheduled to appear last."
ALL THREE: "HER daughter and Davy?!?!"

MRS. BADDERLY: "It's all right, baby!"
DAVY: "I, I, I'm so--"
MRS. BADDERLY: "To think I let my daughter
get involved with a no-talent kid!"
DAVY: "Her daugher?!?!"

MIKE: "The whole thing was, you know, kind of a con job.  Mrs. Badderly wanted
you to help out with her daughter's career.  We tried to tell you, but..."
DAVY: "It's my own fault, Mike!  I shouldn't
have believed in those stupid tea leaves!"

Mr. Hack was not injured during the making of this film.