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Dance, Monkee, Dance

Peter is tricked into "winning" a free dance lesson
at Renauldo's Dance au Go Go.  He signs a lifetime contract,
without knowing he has to pay for each lesson.
In order to help get Peter out of the contract, Micky and Mike go see Renauldo.
Unfortunately, they too get suckered into lifetime contracts.
Davy gets "in" the company by becoming a dance instructor.
With all three connected to the scheme one way or another,
they try to drive away all other potential customers,
and defeat The Dancing Smoothies.

MISS BUNTWELL: "Well, listen, the boss isn't around,
so I'll tell you what I'll do.  You sound like a nice Joe,
I'll give you a little hint, all right?  His name is President Van..."
PETER: "Johnson!  Van Johnson, Van Johnson!  President Van Johnson!!!!"
PETER: "Van Heflin!!"
MISS BUNTWELL: "No, no, no!!!!"
PETER: "Which is wrong, Van or Heflin?"
MISS BUNTWELL: "Van is right, but that's his last name!!"
PETER: "Oh, Van's his last name.  Moving Van, Moving Van!!!!"

RENAULDO: "Sucker!!!"
MISS BUNTWELL: "Oh, he seems nice!"
RENAULDO: "They're all nice; as long as they sign
that lifetime contract!  He will be dancing 'till he's eighty!"

PETER: "Did I do something wrong?"
MIKE: "I'm afraid you did, ol' buddy!!"
PETER: "Oh well, we'll just tear up the contract!"
MIKE: "You can't tear up this contract!! It's a legal document!!"
PETER: "Oh c'mon!  No court in the world would convict me!"

PROCECUTOR MICKY: "Do you or do you not recognize this man?!?"
PETER: "Is that a trick question?"
DEFENDER DAVY: "I object, Your Honor!!"
!  *  *  !
: "Don't object so much; you'll live longer!!!!"

LAWYER DOLENZ: "Well, my client is an eccentric playboy,
you see, and he has a strange affliction called ballpointitis!
He thinks he just signed a long-term contract!"
RENAULDO: "Well, this one's binding!"
LAWYER DOLENZ: "Well, there are loopholes!!"
RENAULDO: "There aren't any!"
LAWYER DOLENZ: "That's outrageous!!  You mean to tell me,
if I took this contract and signed it here--"
RENAULDO: "And there!!"
LAWYER DOLENZ: "And there!  I would
be forced to take your dance lessons for life?!?"
RENAULDO: "That's right, Counselor!!
Welcome to Renauldo's Dance au Go Go!!"

MIKE: "1, 2, 3, 4, sit an' kiss!!"
MISS BUNTWELL: "Oh, but the music has stopped!!"
MIKE: "Who needs music?!"

TIMID MAN: "Pardon me, Miss,
I believe I'm this month's lucky winner!"
MISS BUNTWELL: "Can I have your name, please?"
TIMID MAN: "Martin Van Buren!!"

MIKE: "This dancing school thing has really
turned into a drag, a stone drag!"
PETER: "How long can we keep this up?"
MICKY: "Wait!!"
MIKE: "What?!" PETER: "What is it?!"
MICKY: "A brillant idea!!!"
PETER: "Well??"
MICKY: "That's what we need!!  A brillant idea!!!"

DAVY: "Just relax fellas!!  I've got a fantastic idea!
Listen to this: find love and adventure at
Renauldo's Dance au Go Go!  Now tomorrow,
the place is going to be loaded with suckers!"
PETER: "All day!"
MICKY: "Huh?"
PETER: "All-day suckers!!"
MICKY: "Little joke about THAT big."

MIKE: "Miss Buntwell!  You're right about dancing!!
It changed my whole life, and I can tell you now,
my heart wants you and my soul wants you!"
MISS BUNTWELL: "What do you hear from your liver?"
MIKE: "Not a whole lot."

MIKE: "Hey, are you guys really The Dancing Smoothies?"
SMOOTHIE: "That's right!  We know every dance in the book!"
MIKE: "You know The Lumgoombas?"
SMOOTHIE: "No!  How does that go?"
MIKE: "Well, first you raise your left arm.
Then, you raise your right arm.  Ok.."
ALL FOUR: "This is a stick-up!!"

DAVY: "Wait a minute, Renauldo!!  Those contracts
are legal, and we're going to keep you to them!!"
MIKE: "Yeah, we're going to show up for every lesson
everyday of the week.  Unless, of course..."
RENAULDO: "Unless of course, what??"
MIKE: "Unless, of course, you tear up all those
other lifetime contracts you have!!"

<=No smoothie was blended during the making of this film.