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Monkees at the Circus

Hey, what's with the maniac knife thrower?
When the Monkees "snick" inside and hang
around the bigtop, Davy meets Susan,
a young lady who is worried about
her father losing the circus. While trying
to convince the star, Victor, that a "big"
acrobatic act will be at the circus,
The Monkees end up trying and failing
to make the act real. Victor threatens to not perform, Davy gets
into cutlery, Victor saves the act(so to speak), and the Monkees
get to do what they do best!

MIKE: "Well, I guess that's that!"
PETER: "Well, why don't we just snick inside!"
MIKE: "What snick?  It's not snick!  It's sneak!
Yeah, I sneak, and you sneak, and we sneak!"
PETER: "Oh good!  Then we all get in!"

DAVY: "Mike?!?!  Mike?!?!  Mike!
That man was throwing knives at me!!
He could've killed me!  Why didn't you do something?!?"
MIKE: "Well, I didn't want to antagonize the man!"

SUSAN: "I can't thank you enough for what you did!"
DAVY: "It was nothing!"
PETER: "No more than what any other poor love sick fool would do!!"
SUSAN: "Thank you, Davy!  Maybe the crowds would come
tomorrow and then everything will be all right!"
MICKY: "Hey, what's with the maniac knife thrower?"
SUSAN: "Victor?  He gets these solemn periods."
MICKY: "What, they last three or four years?"
SUSAN: "Things haven't been going well for my father's circus,
and Victor's our star performer.  He's upset because the crowds
would rather watch the rock-and-rollers than him."
ALL: "Oh!!  That's terrible!"
SUSAN: "By the way, what do you do?"

PETER: "Boy there's nothing like a circus!
If I had to do it all over again...."
MICKY: "Hey!  We've been looking this place over.
It doesn't look like it's going to be here too long."
PETER: "You're right."
DAVY: "You're right."
MICKY: "It's great, it's terrific, it's the best show--"
MIKE: "What is that?!"
MICKY: "It's a theme song from an old TV series!"
MIKE: "I wonder who sang it?"

VICTOR: "Who are these people?"
DAVY: "Who are we?!  Would you ask 'who are these people?'
to de Budapest String Quartet?"
VICTOR: "I still say, who are you?"
PETER: "We are the Budapest String Quartet!"
MIKE: "We are The Mozzerella Brothers!  I am Supreme!"
MICKY: *This is Amazing and Incredible!*
MIKE: "This is Amazing and Incredible and Colossus, and Colossal...."
MICKY: *And Stupendous!*
MIKE: "And Stupendous!"
DAVY: "We are de toast of Paris!"
VICTOR: "You are amazing!"
DAVY: "No, He's Amazing, I'm Incredible!!"

PETER: "We cross the wire on a bicycle with the topman
carrying a tray filled with 20 glasses!!"
DAVY: "Of course, we no longer perform de act."
VICTOR: "No more nerve, hmmm?"
DAVY: "No more glasses!"

PETER: "Mike!  Mike, the circus is saved!
The Mozzerella Brothers are coming!!"
MIKE: "Yeah, but The Mozzerella Brothers are us!!"
PETER: "Us?!"
MIKE: "Oh, Peter!  You're amazing."
PETER: "Does that mean I have to carry the glasses??"

DAVY: "You know, Susan's right.  I think we ought
to tell the truth, at least to her.  I think you
should know we're rock-n-roll singers."
VICTOR: "Rock-n-roll singers!!  That's all I want to hear!"
PETER: "Oh good, then we can play for you!"

DAVY: "Hey, fellas!  Hey, hey, wait up!
We can't leave her like that!  She's still crying!"
MIKE: "Man, we've done everything we can!
There's nothing else left we can do!"
DAVY: "We could cheer her up!"
ALL: "Yeah!!!"

DAVY: "And now, ladies and gentlemen,
the thirty foot knife throw!  I will split the apple in half
that's sitting on my beautiful young assistant's head!"
!  !  !  !  !  !  !
: "Don't worry, folks!  I've got plenty more knives!"
VICTOR: "Wait!!  Don't throw it!!  I'll perform!!"
DAVY: "And now, ladies and gentlemen, it gives me great privilege
to introduce to you the one and only Great Victor!"

STRONG MAN: "Peter, I've seen you handle this with great ease.
I want you to have this to remember us by."
PETER: "Oh, thank you!!"
!  *  !
: "Well, yesterday.....that's amazing!"
PETER: "No, no!  I'm Fantastic!  That's Amazing!"
JUGGLE LADY: "If the discotheque ever go
out of business, you can open up your own act!"
*  !  *  !  *
: "Excuse me!"
SUSAN: "Oh, I was just than..thanking him for saving the circus!
You know, it's another sell-out tonight!"

<= No lions, tigers, or bears were hurt during the making of this film.