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Monkees A La Carte

Remember don't overcook the ravioli, spaghetti, manicotti, or the fusili!The Monkees witness a takeover
of an Italian restaurant.
They realize working for the mob
is much different than working
for Pop.  After getting some
subtle enthusiasm, from the cops,
The Monkees disguise themselves as
The Purple Flower Gang. They manage
to get into the meeting
with The Syndicates. Peter is sent
to the police station for back-up,
and the others manage to get all the members, except themselves, killed!

POP:  "Mr. Fuselli, I told you my restaurant is not for sale!
FUSELLI:  "Hey, Pop!  Would you like
to see your mudda' roughed up?"
POP:  "My mother has been dead the last twenty years!"
ROCCO:  "But do you think that would stop me?!"

DAVY:  "Now, wait a minute!!  You can't push us around!"
PETER:  "Davy!!!"
DAVY:  "You're pretty tough with an old man!!
How about trying someone your own size!"
ROCCO:  "There ain't nobody here my size!"
MICKY:  "Then you should get out of the business!"

DAVY:  "Point of order!  I would like to say that
Fuselli is a rough, vicious, mean type a-person!"
MICKY:  "He's just an average hood!"
DAVY:  "Now I'm telling you this guy's tough!
He even wears a pin-stripe suit!"
MICKY:  "What's so tough about that?"
DAVY:  "Got real pins in it!"

DAVY:  "What vote?"
MIKE:  "Micky, will you please read him 
the minutes of the meeting?"
MICKY:  "A minute and twelve seconds,
that's a new meeting record!"

FUSELLI:  "There's work to do, so let's get to it!
You're going to be chefs, dishwashers, musicians,
hat check girls, cooks, cigarette girls--why are you standing here?!"

MICKY:  "We've got to contact the Inspector!"
DAVY:  "Sure, but how?  Fuselli won't let us out
in the middle of the meeting!"
MIKE:  "Yeah, Rocco's guarding the front door!"
PETER:  "And the food will get cold!"

FUSELLI:  "Therefore, I'm leaving the rest
of the city to the four of you!  Any objections?"
MICKY:  "Yeah, The Purple Flower Gang objects!"
RED:  "The Purple Flower Gang?  I thought they were away for good!"
FLORA:  "Hey, if you're The Purple Flower Gang,
then why are you wearing white carnations?"
MICKY:  "You know how tough it is to get purple flowers, baby?"
FUSELLI:  "I thought you guys were in the state pen!"
MICKY:  "We busted out yesterday!"
FUSELLI:  "Oh yeah?"
MICKY:  "Me and the boys sure are tired!'
MIKE:  "Yeah, exhausted!"
DAVY:  "Fatigued!"
PETER:  "And very hungry!"

MICKY:  "Wait a minute!  Before The Purple Flower Gang
eats anywhere, we checks out the kitchen
to make sure the food is poisoned!"
FLORA:  "I usually bring a dog along to check for poison."
BENNY:  "Well, where is he?"
FLORA:  "He hates Italian food!"

PETER:  "Boy, I'm glad to see you!"
INSPECTOR:  "Grab him, it's The Purple Flower Gang!"
PETER:  "Wait a minute!"
POLICEMAN:  "I thought we had all these guys in the can?!"
INSPECTOR:  "Yeah, it must be another one! 
You can always tell by the flower!'
PETER:  "My flower's white, white!!!"
INSPECTOR:  "Don't try to kid me!  I know how tough it is to find purple flowers!"

PETER:  "Yeah, the Seaman's bank job was mine,
and the filling station over at Essence!"
INSPECTOR:  "Hey, you getting all that?"
PETER:  "And the sinking of the Lusitania was mine!
And the Great Bridge of '57 was mine, and of course the 
Great Train Robbery was mine!"
POLICEMAN:  "Is that all?!?"
PETER:  "One more thing, take a letter to my mother!"

No spagetti or meatballs were hurt during the making of this films.