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Art, For Monkees' Sake

four Monkees trying to be artisticPeter has a talent of painting.
Mike decides that Peter should go
to the local art museum to broaden
his portfolio. Two guards at the museum
like Peter's work so much, that they want him
to do a lovely portrait. They let Peter suffer
for his art, and also switch the paintings.
The Monkees, after taking a tour of the museum, find Peter and plan to re-switch the paintings. They pack some
sandwiches and some gear and stealthfully set things right, sort of.

DAVY:  Hey, Peter painted!!  That's great man!  It almost looks real!"
MICKY:  "What are you copying doors for?!?"
PETER:  "What do you have against doors?"
MICKY:  " head!!"
DAVY:  "Hit him right in the head!!  That's just a stone drag!!""
MIKE:  "Look, Peter, if you want to go and copy something,
why don't you go to the art museum?  Then, you can 
can get inspired by the great painters!"

MIKE:  "Gee, it's late!  I wonder where Peter is?
Well, I hope I didn't insult him!"
MICKY:  "Well, you know, to insult somebody, 
they have to understand you!"
MIKE:  "Oh, yeah!  That's true.  He should be here any minute!"

MIKE:  "What are we doing eating breakfast with Mr. Schneider?"
DAVY:  "Well, Peter wasn't here, and we got lonely!"
MIKE:  "You mean he's not back from the museum yet?"
MICKY:  "Maybe he's in trouble!"
DAVY:  "How much trouble can he get in a museum?"
MICKY:  "He's in trouble!"
DAVY:  "He's in trouble!"

RUCE:  "Peter, what's the most important thing for an artist?"
PETER:  "Paint!"
CHUCE:  "He's got-a point!"

MIKE:  "Well, I looked everywhere and
he's not anyplace around!"
DAVY:  "Did you check the basement?"
MIKE:  "Ah, only a fool would paint in the basement!!"
MICKY:  "He's in the basement!!"

MICKY:  "What are you doing over here
tied up with a gag in your mouth?"
PETER:  "Mmmnmmhmnnm!!!"
MICKY:  "What are you doing here
tied up with a gag out of your mouth?"
PETER:  "Suffering for my art!!"
DAVY:  "Suffering--oh, isn't that nice!!"
MICKY:  "That's a beautiful copy, Peter!"
PETER:  "The man who painted that was brilliant!"
ALL:  "That means they've switched the paintings!!"

DAVY(to MICKY): "Get the other painting!"
MICKY(to MIKE): "Get the other painting!"
MIKE(to PETER): "Get the other painting!"
PETER(to MIKE): "I forgot it!!"
MIKE(to MICKY): "He forgot it!!"
MICKY(to DAVY): "He forgot it!!"
DAVY(to MICKY): "Where is it?!!"
MICKY(to MIKE): "Where is it?!!"
MIKE(to PETER): "Where is it?!!"
PETER(to MIKE): "It's up on the roof!!!"
MIKE(to MICKY): "It's up on the roof!!!"
MICKY(to DAVY): "It's up on the roof!!!"
DAVY(to MICKY): "Well, go get it!!!!"
MICKY(to MIKE): "Well, go get it!!!!"
MIKE(to PETER): "Go get it!!!!"

MICKY: "That was close!!"
PETER: "He's in for a lot of trouble!"
MICKY: "Why, cause we're switching the paintings?"
PETER: "No, because I put hot mustard on those sandwiches!"
BOTH: "Ha-ha!!"

MIKE: "Why did you stop? Why?"
MICKY : "We've got traffic coming the other way!!"
PETER: "Don't they know this is a one-way rope ladder?"
MICKY: "Don't think so!!!"

<= No paintings were harmed during the making of this film.