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Alias Micky Dolenz

Micky goes to the police station because some guy
abused him with a newspaper. The cops think, at first,
he's a vicious mobster called, Babyface Morales.
After a while, the cops realize Micky's not Babyface
and use him to infiltrate Babyface's gang.
He finds the goods and the hoods, only afterwards
having Babyface trying to convince the cops that he's Micky, and Micky is he!!

MIKE: "Micky! You've got to go in there and report this!
Look, what are you going to do? Promote violence on the streets?"
MICKY: "What violence?? He's just a typical psychopathic killer!!"

CAPTAIN: "Now this is Tony Ferano!  Alias Big Tony,
alias Tony the Rock, alias Tony the Slasher, alias Kissing Clyde!"
MICKY: "Kissing Clyde???"
CAPTAIN: "In Detroit, he committed extortion, illegal entry,
and headed up the number rackets there! Then he quitted
the police department and joined up with Babyface!"
MICKY: "Sounds like a tough customer!"

MICKY: "I came for my cut, Tony!"
TONY: "No good, Babyface! You're a has-been!"
MICKY: "No, Tony! I was a has-been!
Now, I'm an am-is!"

VINCE: "When did you get out, Babyface?"
MICKY: "Busted out yesterday! Clean break!"
TONY: "Didn't they spotted you with the search lights?"
MICKY: "Nah, fixed it so the search lights were useless!"
VINCE: "How did you do that?"
MICKY: "Busted out in the daytime!"

PETER: "Hey man! What do you need police
specialists for? We'll go with you!"
MICKY: "Hey I can't take that chance of you getting hurt!
I got myself into this, I'll get myself out, I hope.
I'm going to go think about it. Boy, that Tony
is really a killer. He's a dirty, sadistical rat!
He's full of hate and malice--hi, Tony!!"

BABYFACE: "Yeah, there it is, Tony!"
TONY: "Babyface!??"
MICKY: "Yeah, Tony?"
PETER: Babyface?!?"
MICKY: "Hey, do mind keeping the door shut?  There's a draft in here--
You!?!  You dirty, sneaky, rotten, lousy, vicious face!!"

<= No rolled-up newspapers were injured during the making of this film.