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You Have The Right To Lose Your Freedom

   I am not the type of person to delve into American politics since my position can be mutable. I am not a registered voter since I am paranoid that it puts me on the radar for unwanted solicitations. If I were to register to vote, I would call myself a Libertarian. What has gotten me speaking out now, only on my web page though, is the recent happenings in the U.S. government and how scared I’ve become of my government.

  You may call me a true paranoid, but I feel something is happening that shouldn’t be - I just can’t put my finger on it. I get the impression that George W. Bush is doing things for power and money. Like he is living in the Age of Virgo or Aries instead of Aquarius. The “New American Century” project seems odd to me. Then I hear that the Republicans want to bring back the draft (and amend it to include women) to make the project possible. There is a feeling of retroactive. The Roman Empire. The British Empire. America not becoming the Land of the Free, but the land of the emperor. No, I don’t think Bush will declare himself emperor, but there are going to be massive changes where the Congress and the President will have more power over the people themselves.

The start of a new empire for the rich and powerful   In order to have power, the people will have to gain it in the military - screw the young and old, especially those in the lower and middle classes. The idea is more than to Americanize the world, but to use scare tactics to oppress the people of the world. Members of Congress and George W. Bush wants to stop financially supporting the veterans (and yet they want that damn draft) and deplete the Social Security, an odd thing since most Baby Boomers would want to keep both. The flag of our freedom is burning. These are my impressions, so if you want evidence that supports my feelings, you should do the research; my thoughts are too subjective.Our freedom is burning to oblivion

   I would say to vote people out of office to stop this from happening, but I fear that the snowball has started rolling downhill. The right hand has no idea what the left hand is plotting. Or rather in this case, the left hand has no idea what the right hand is plotting, eh, Shrub?